I have been a Crossfitter at CrossFit Cut Walpole for 10 months now and my decision to join has been a transformative choice in my life. My goal was to lose weight and get into shape. Since joining, I have lost 25 pounds, gained significant muscle tone and strength and just feel better all around.

David Orechio

As a proud parent , I watch what my kids are doing. Crossfit looked extremely difficult, and I asked my daughter why she was still so motivated to do their workouts. The answer I got, was a 30 membership for Christmas. Immediately I became aware of what 30 years of “good living” had done to my body. In college, I had been a Division 1 athlete, and had done multiple workout routines, with different levels of success. Crossfit was different from the other routines. It wasn’t a “routine”. After the initial soreness, I began to look forward to the class. This was a first! Soon I could do the prescribed WOD, shed 25 lbs. and was able to compete in a endurance obstacle race. I am in the best shape I have ever been in, and I owe it to Crossfit. Not only am I enjoying better health, a new wardrobe, but also creating memories with my daughter that I will have for the rest of my life, and hopefully give her memories that will live long after. I owe a big “Thank You” to my trainers and my other members of “the box”.


It took quite a bit of persuasion on the part of my son to even give it a try, after all I’m 57 years old, and while I’ve always been athletic, I thought this was for strong young men. I was wrong and am now an example that crossfit can benefit everyone. The one-on-one training by Brad, Alicia, Brendan and Aly is incredible and invaluable, they are all so attentive and caring They remember every single member and the weights that are appropriate for each of them. They encourage you to push ahead when appropriate but not go beyond your capabilities at that time, because you will always be improving. You will get stronger, more confident and it will change your life for the better. I take the principals of crossfit and apply them in my business life as well, and because of that I can say with 100% confidence that Crossfit Cut has improved my life overall. We are like a family, so come on in and get acquainted, I’m betting you will embrace it and love it, just as I have.

Carol Lynn Thistle

Wow! Not what I expected at all!
I was overweight and desperately needed to get in shape. I had heard of Crossfit and saw all the videos of crazy athletes online and I knew that wasn’t me. I also knew that I hated running and would get bored easily at a regular gym with eliptical and weight machines. I needed something new, so figured I would go to Crossfit one day, just to check it out, after all, it was free.
Brad and Alicia had me do an intro session. They were extremely informative and seemed to understand when I needed encouragement and when I needed a breather. They teach and enforce proper safety, strategy, form and technique. They even taught me about proper nutrition and diet! Brad and Alicia are not only knowledgeable, but they are passionate at what they do.
To this day, I’m not the fastest of the group and I’m certainly not the strongest, but I am 50 lbs lighter and much healthier than I was. I feel younger and am able to do things that I never thought I would be able to do again. Mission accomplished. Thank you Brad and Alicia!!


First, let me start off by saying that my husband and I joined Crossfit Cut by purchasing an 8-week Groupon and we ended up staying for a year. We have NEVER had such amazing results or have ever been (or ever will be) to a better gym in our lives. Not only do you get varied, differentiated, TOUGH workouts, but you feel feel like family with the staff and other Crossfitters. I have never been someone that loves to workout, but I felt incredible and had great self-esteem every time I worked out. Unfortunately, with changes in our jobs and living forty-five minutes away, we’ve had to take a hiatus, but we have no choice but to join again! You guys are the best!

Jen and Kyle O’Brien