Frequently Asked Questions | CrossFit Cut

WOD is “Workout of the Day.” The great folks at CrossFit post a workout for each day. The common splits are a) as posted, which is 3 days on/1 off, and b) 5 days on, two off. 

Part of the crossfit philosophy includes pursuing/learning another sport or activity, and many Crossfit athletes are also martial artists and competitive athletes in a variety of disciplines. 

However, if you work the WODs hard, you will find yourself at an improved level of fitness, and for lots of us, the WOD is our primary “sport.” 

If you pursue another activity, you will need to balance your work/rest cycles and be sure to allow for recovery. Sometimes, you will need extra days off or to consider a WOD as “active rest” done at a lower intensity.

CrossFit totally embraces group training. There will be a certified CrossFit trainer leading each Group WOD. This is where the camaraderie, competition, and most importantly, fun comes into CrossFit. If you prefer one-on-one instruction, CrossFit Cut offers personal training. To schedule an appointment, give us a call. 

There’s a learning curve for beginner CrossFitters. Starting with the fundamentals, you will learn the basics as well as the proper form when you begin. You’ll slowly begin increasing intensity and weight. This is where the great sense of accomplishment comes from for so many CrossFit athletes. 

Eating natural, healthy foods is the best nutritional diet. Vegetables, lean proteins, and nuts have great nutritional value, while limiting sugar and starch intake is ideal. 

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